Tuesday, 1 March 2016

2016 membership is now available!

Join us for another 12 months (11 films) of films. Tickets for the 2016/2017 season are now available from the Belgrave cinema.

Some details:

  • Membership for 2016 for 11 films will be $85, which works out as $7.27 per film.
  • Every annual pass includes two companion vouchers to bring a friend for the cost of a standard ticket.
  • Members may choose to go either to a Monday or a Wednesday screening of the film (usually around 5.30pm Mondays and 7pm Wednesdays).
  • This season, non-members will be able to purchase individual tickets to any film for $20
  • Tickets for members will be available approximately one week before the screening.

To join, visit the Belgrave Cinema for a membership form or download one from our website.

The first film of the season, 99 Homes, will be screening on Monday 14th March and Wednesday, 23rd March - exact times tbc.

99 Homes is a powerful, intelligent film depicting the life of a family evicted from their foreclosed home in Florida when the father becomes unemployed.  Their move into a cheap motel prompts him to do whatever it takes to get their house back.  Tautly constructed, the film critiques the class divides in US society where everyone, even those living on the margins, wants to follow the American dream of having their own home.

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